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Emagine, That Thousands and Thousands of People Live Completely Pain Free, Do ALL Kind OF Things They Love to do...Without ANY Limitations and Restrictions,Special Treatment courses and Build the Body of Their Dreams!"

keith scott - author if unbreakable programm

“First of all, people have to stop playing the “victim”, where they think they’re supposed to have pain and that it is just a “normal part of life.”
Once you give in to that kind of thinking, you lose the ability to do the things you want to do, because you are a prisoner of your body.” Keith Scott.

Some of you may be unfamiliar with Keith, but only because he spends more time practicing what he preaches than he does writings and making business online. Keith has been in the sports medicine for over 18 years, has a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science, and he’s a certified athletic trainer with his CSCS. Basically, he knows his stuff. After spending 18 plus years working in the sports medicine and sports performance fields, he realized something pretty unique. The experience he gained while working with hundreds of athletes over the years enabled Keith to discover new and exciting ways to help people with their issues and bring relief fast.
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joints of humanThe Unbreakable system is made up of detailed assessments, special fitness program “plug-ins” to correct physical issues, full, specific corrective exercise plans and targeted soft tissue work. There are five basic steps to the program with each component discussed at length in its own guide. Steps one and two together comprise the assessment portion of Unbreakable. This guide is broken down into body-part sections. In each, you are guided through a series of simple tests and questions. The tests aren’t overly complicated and the process is fairly straightforward and easy to follow. Keith includes photos and step-by-step instructions for performing the tests. Following each test/question segment is an “assessment explanation” section that clarifies the meaning of the results. Step three is where based on the assessment, you determine the appropriate course of action for you. With steps four and five we learn about the “plug-ins,” corrective exercises. Like the previous guide, this one is divided into body-part sections that correspond with the assessments. The exercises are designed to work together holistically to address strength, muscular endurance, joint stability, balance, power, flexibility, mobility, range of motion and to eliminate pain. The program calls for performing the exercises at least three days a week. The exercises are presented in daily (day 1, day 2, etc.) charts that give you all the information you need-number of reps, number of sets and the overall benefits of each exercise. The next guide gives you all the information you need to know to perform all of the exercises. Again, like the previous guides this one is broken down by body parts, making it easy to reference. In-depth how-to descriptions and photos are included for each exercise.

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human joints in run Unbreakable – Total System To Help Anyone Eliminate All Physical Pain, Prevent Injuries And Correct Physical Dysfunctions.Unbreakable Brings Together The Best Of Sports Medicine/therapy With Physical Conditioning/Fitness. Stay Healthy And Build The Body Of Your Dreams! You will have complete access to the entire system that has given hundreds of people just like you total physical relief from all types of pain, dysfunction, and physical problems…allowing them to live full lives and do the things they want to do, without fear of pain, injury or limitations. Also, it’s a system that you will always have access to, at any time you need it, for the rest of your life!!! Unbreakable worth this investment. Keith doesn’t knock the need for doctors and doesn’t profess to know more than they do. He stays in his area of expertise, which is helping people to prevent and manage common minor issues that manifest themselves through aches and pains. He presents useful, practical information that can not only help you to avoid injuries, but to also to improve your overall fitness level. If you’re suffer of the lower back pain, the achy knees,the neck pain, the clicking shoulders and the rest of the pain causing “issues” that come along with the activities we love than spending seventy seven dollars on Keith’s program could be a perfect investment for you to get rid of some chronic post-traumatic pain.

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"I have had chronic shoulder pain off and on for many years.  Most recently, my shoulder has been very painful for over nine long months.  I have been to countless doctors, pain management specialists, physical therapists and I even tried acupuncture. Nothing worked.  I finally contacted Keith, and within three minutes, he fixed my shoulder that numerous doctors and therapists could not even make comfortable! That was over four months ago, and I cannot believe the level of relief I have experienced. I can now do everything without even a hint of pain. I was amazed at my results. Keith did an awesome job and I would recommend him to anyone with any type of pain."

Colleen Lore

-Medford, NJ 


“Keith’s programs have helped cure a nagging knee injury from my lacrosse days that has been unidentifiable by doctors over the past seven years. From day one, Keith said he could help with the problem and he has stuck to his word and helped me make significant strides to a full recovery. 

Because of Keith’s program, my knee feels better than ever, I have shed 25 pounds of fat in the first three months and increased my strength and muscle mass more than I could have ever wished for.  My energy and confidence levels have considerably increased. What more could you ask for?"

-Bob Lutz

Cherry Hill, NJ

“A year ago I injured my back. I got x-rays, MRI's, went to physical therapists,  and contacted "internet gurus"... nothing was helping. I was 25 years old, and felt like I was 50. I was afraid to lift the bar off the floor,  and felt terrible about my physique and myself.

That is when I discovered Keith Scott and his systems.  Keith's evaluation was incredibly thorough and unique.
After only one month of training with Keith’s program, my back began to feel stronger then it did in years and after just three short months, I was back to dead lifting, and was feeling better than I could ever remember.

I am now able to do both pain free. Just this past week I hit a new personal record in Deadlifts for 415 lbs!

Since using Keith's system, I have been able to not only overcome my injury, get rid of ALL of my pain, but also improve my physique at the same time. I have gained 20 lbs of raw muscle, while losing unwanted body fat.”

-Ryan Murray

Doylestown, Pa.

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american football injuryMAIN TIPS:
• Finally, say goodbye to your physical pain. Discover how you can eliminate your physical pain with simple exercises you can do at home.
• Dominate your game or sport, shatter records in the weight room, take back your life! Whatever your game is, reset your body to be physically dominant. With this program, you will set yourself up to dominate on the court, field, gym or in your daily life!
• Leave ineffective physical therapy sessions, endless consumption of Advil, and doctor visits behind forever. This system will allow you to take full control of your physical potential and health. Within one session, you will feel your pain start to go away fast!
• Stop ignoring your pain and physical problems and take back your life. With the corrective exercise programs and specialized "plug-ins" you can start to fix yourself, prevent new injuries, and feel better than you have in years.
• Shatter previous strength plateaus and enhance your full-body strength beyond anything you have done before. With this full, totally balanced, 16-week strength program you will realize outstanding full-body strength increases like you never imagined before. Whether it is in the gym or in daily life, strength is key to being and staying healthy and doing the things you want!
• Never miss a workout or training session again, because of injuries or painful joints. This program will ensure that you get healthy, and never have to miss a workout because of injuries or pain again!
• Burn fat, build muscle, sculpt the body of your dreams and feel like a million bucks! This plan will enable you to blow torch off unwanted fat, pack on heaps of muscle, and attain your dream body, while fixing your issues and keeping your body healthy.
• Are you already doing a program that you like? No worries. This program is set up to simply “plug-in” to any other program that you are using. You can still work your current plan, use the assessments and corrective exercises and have the best of both worlds at your fingertips!
• Discover how to stay pain free and enjoy doing the things you have always wanted to do with no risk of injury or pain.
• Learn why you have certain physical problems and how to eliminate them forever, in the comfort of your own home or gym.
• Realize how the entire Unbreakable system is designed to help you do away with pain, physical restrictions, and limiting injuries, freeing you up to pursue new and exciting physical adventures and goals.
• Feel your energy levels increase exponentially because you will finally be free of muscular restrictions and pain all while your movement and mobility increases to new levels.
• Rediscover what it feels like to function like someone half your age.
• Burn away unwanted fat and build muscle, shaping the body of your dreams.

money back guarantee • Learn how to perform a physical assessment on yourself and be able to maintain your physical health at all times because you will always know which areas of your body need to be worked on and how.
• Be able to increase your total body muscular strength to greater levels than ever before.
• Learn how to implement the corrective Unbreakable exercise plug-ins with any program or plan that you are currently doing. You can use as a total program and/or a supplement with other programs, guaranteeing your success and health.
• Be able to set new personal records in the weight room, playing field or gym because you will be able to move and function at highest level and intensity.
• You finally banish the phrase, “I can’t” from your vocabulary forever, because you confidence level will shooting through the roof after you discover just how great you can really feel.
• Discover why you can finally kiss those annoying, ineffective doctor and therapist visits goodbye, once you take total control of your physical health.
• Find out the secrets to getting rid of daily muscle pain and stiffness in less than 5 minutes a day!

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unbreakable system All of the exercises presented in Unbreakable are simple enough to do for just about anybody, regardless of skill level or athletic ability. Whether you’re a seasoned bodybuilder, a beginner, elderly or an overweight guy who hasn’t exercised in 20 years, you shouldn’t have any problems performing any of the movements.
Unbreakable Keith Scotts 16-week personalized program includes:
• Intro, 40 pages
• Self-Assessment, 65 pages
• Corrective Exercises, 82 pages
• Corrective Exercise Descriptions, 76 pages
• 16-Week Strength and Fitness Program, 14 pages
• Exercise Description for the Program, 36 pages
• Soft Tissue Work for Optimal Physical Health, 27 pages
• Recovery and Regeneration, 9 pages
• Nutritional Guidelines, 15 pages
Fat Burning with High Intensity Interval Training, 10 pages
The Big Advantage of Keith Scott "Unbreakable" body system is the completeness of the material. eith explains how compensations work. His system will help you determine your specific issues so you can tackle them first.

Learn Exactly How 1000s of People Live Completely Pain Free, Do ALL of the Things They Love to do... Without ANY Restrictions or Limitations, While Building the Body of Their Dreams!


“Being a full-time police officer forces me to be in the best physical condition possible. At 53 years old,  I was growing frustrated with the lack of energy I had, and increased weight gain. Besides that, I had aches and pains that didn’t seem to go away, I was really feeling older than I ever did before.

Once I started following Keith’s systems, things quickly changed for the better.  Not only did I lose that unwanted weight, but my energy levels shot through the ceiling, I felt better than I have in years, and I am now able to keep up with the guys at work that are half my age. My muscles and joints never hurt…no more aches, pains and inefficient movements.

I feel like a new man! I highly recommend following Keith’s systems. It is the most unique training I have ever done with the best results I have ever experienced.”

 -Tom Riddle

Cherry Hill NJ Police Officer


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